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Bamboo Shield for Colder Climates – 60 mil thick x 24″ depth

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  • $1.99 per linear foot + free shipping.
  • 60 mil is effective for cold to warm climates with small to medium size bamboo.
  • Controls growth of bamboo by limiting rhizome (root) expansion
  • Superior to metals because it will not rust and easier to install
  • Protective side is chrome rolled to provide a better rhizome deflection surface.
  • 60 mil (1/16th inch or 1.5 mm) material thickness that provides 130 pound-force puncture resistance.
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Bamboo Barrier is a diversion type control method with a smooth surface on the side facing your bamboo planting. It is made from HDPE, high-density polyethylene. Superior to metals because it will not rust and easier to install. Bamboo roots typically travel in the first 12 inches of topsoil. Barrier are sold in 24″, 30″, and 36″ depths to provide extra protection from stray growth.

The polyethylene barrier is made from post industrial recycled regrind material when possible, in the USA. Bamboo Shield is impermeable to water as well which acts as a water barrier. Plastic thinner than 30 mil has been shown to crack when ground temperatures 24 inches deep get below -15 degrees F. This would be extremely cold and the thickness greater than 30 mil does great at handling very cold temperatures without damage. The plastic barrier has a better chance not cracking when frozen like other materials. Even concrete will freeze and crack over the years. Driveways are poured 4 to 6 inches deep to allow heavy vehicles passage and parking. Seldom are driveways seen without cracks. Concrete was used many years ago ( Byron Agriculture Station in Byron, Georgia) as a below ground barrier system and found to crack below the frost line allowing bamboo rhizomes to emerge through to the other side. One of the many myths of bamboo is its ability to crack solid concrete. While a clumping type bamboo may do this, given enough years, a running type bamboo just runs and does not usually apply the outward pressure of a clumping bamboo or hardwood tree.

Bamboo is not magical, but persistent and its root system will eventually find cracks in concrete and emerge through them. If the environment ( sunlight & soil ) is suitable once it emerges the bamboo will grow if not terminated. The rhizome ( root ) when growing is very soft and flexible and will always turn when it encounters something harder. Furthermore, installation of a barrier will accelerate the grow of a bamboo screen. The growth will be more dense because of the confinements and stimulate the screening effect. The Bamboo Barrier in the 60mil x 24″ width is our most popular size and we have been selling it for over 15 years without any reported problems.


Which barrier is right for me?

Climate Zone Bamboo Height Minimum Barrier Size
4  Under 25′ tall  60 mil thick by 24″ depth
5 Under 25′ tall  60 mil thick by 24″ depth
6 Under 25′ tall  60 mil thick by 24″ depth
7 Under 25′ tall  60 mil thick by 24″ depth
7 Over 25′ tall  80 mil by 30″ depth or larger
8 Over 25′ tall  80 mil by 30″ depth or larger
9 Over 25′ tall 100 mil by 36″ depth
10+ Over 25′ tall  100 mil by 36″ depth

Climate Zone Map

Additional information

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15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet, 35 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 50 feet, 55 feet, 60 feet, 65 feet, 70 feet, 75 feet, 80 feet, 90 feet, 95 feet, 100 feet, 125 feet, 150 feet, 175 feet, 200 feet, 225 feet

Specification Sheet

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Installation Video

Bamboo barrier material is installed vertically in the ground. Bamboo’s root system runs parallel to the ground, typically in the first 3-12 inches of the soil. Dependent upon climate zone, species, soil composition, and age of bamboo grove, some rhizomes can go a little deeper.

The Bamboo Shield is installed in the trench with the shiny side towards the bamboo. It should be angled slightly outward so the bottom is closer and the top is farther away from the bamboo. Leave a 2” lip exposed above ground level.

Installation Instructions

Click here for the full installation instructions…

76 reviews for Bamboo Shield for Colder Climates – 60 mil thick x 24″ depth

  1. Anon

    Possible Solution to a Deeply Rooted Problem. I agree with some of the reviewers. Installing this product or any barrier to prevent root/rhizome “invasion” will be a back breaking challenge. Based on the instructions, to make the barrier lay flat, it states to lay it out in the sun. I did this and it flattened out without an issue. I installed it for my bird of paradise. Yes, I did it myself and without a trencher. Digging two feet was brutal. Only time will tell if this bamboo shield will hold up to its claim. Bamboo looks nice, but one really shouldn’t plant them in the ground. They are invasive plants like honeysuckle and very difficult if nearly impossible to get rid of. Those who know plant them in large pots and even then the roots crack the pots over time. Yes, I would line the pots with this barrier. Good luck.

  2. Tc Wang

    Do the job well

  3. SR43

    This is our third order. It is being used as a garden borderand as a barrier against gophers.

  4. Morrie

    The product probably works wonderfully and is high quality. But if you’ve got rocky soil and not enough space to use a trencher, it’s a challenge to dig a 22′ deep trench for any distance. But it’s also hard to make it angle 10 degrees like the instructions indicate, and if you’re going around a corner or tight curve it’s impossible to maintain an angle. Don’t know how much this will really matter.

  5. Dan P.

    Extremely durable piece of plastic. Definitely an adequate barrier to prevent roots from going in areas you want to keep them out.

  6. N+B+O

    Perfect, thick, will do the job, now time to dig.

  7. Hink

    Working just fine after 6 months. Planning to get more.

  8. D. Le

    The bamboo shield is of very high quality. The instruction was detailed and illustrated in color! Instead of using a clam/bracket at the edge, I just overlap the two ends by about 10 ft. That should work fine as I can’t see how the rhizome could penetrate it.

  9. Willis

    Enjoyed the product very much.

  10. D. S.

    Do the job and effective!

  11. Calvin L.

    Product is exactly as advertised. Be aware that this is a lot of work to install, and assuming you use a trencher, make SURE the trench is deep enough!

  12. Fred

    Good heavy gauge plastic, seems to work as advertised. Stands up on its own.

  13. Sparkles

    An outright pain in the ass to install. And you need a $500 machine just to dig a trench for an overpriced piece of plastic. Save your money, and just dig the trench and cut back the bamboo that tries crossing it once or twice a year. I must look like a complete buffoon to the neighbors watching me getting rolled up in this chunk of plastic. Not a one-woman job.

  14. JASON

    So far so good

  15. Robt

    Just what I expected. Good value

  16. nicholas greenaway

    its thicker than i expected, my bamboo is still too small to present much of a challenge towards this to tell one way or the other

  17. seabiscuit

    Very good product. Quality is high and uniform. The instruction is very helpful too with valuable tips on how to position it and as to the depth. Now my wife can sleep well at night no need to worry about my bamboo running into my neighbor ‘s yard.

  18. John Barron

    I’m building a wall. When the neighbors send their bamboo, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending bamboo with lots of problems. This is a tremendous rhizome barrier. It’s a great, great thing to have if you’re building a wall. And I’m building a wall, ok folks? That I can tell you. A big, beautiful wall that no illegal bamboo will get through AND THE NEIGHBORS WILL PAY FOR IT! Well, they haven’t yet, I did. That’s not a problem. I have lots of money, ok? Believe me. You don’t need my tax returns to know that. I am the evidence! It’s a lot of money for some thick plastic. It may throw the budget out of whack. It’s not just plastic, kind of like vinyl. Like a record. What happened to records? I liked them. I have a great record collection, by the way. Every Michael McDonald and Pat Boone record. I like Sinatra too. I hear the hip young people are collecting records again. That’s good. They love me, the young people. It’s true.

  19. Steelbeach

    In the ground at 22′ Sturdier than I expected (which helped in the installation). Will report back in the years ahead if they worked.

  20. R. Molina


  21. PJG1173

    works to keep the palm tree from sending runners under the pool

  22. Squid Man

    This will work!

  23. lonedemon

    Very durable and thick plastic. I couldn’t use it for my bamboo due to a ton of roots running in my yard but it does make a nice rain runoff barrier for around my house.

  24. Jan T

    We’ve had this in place for over a year now, and it’s kept the neighbor’s bamboo out of our yard. It really works!!

  25. Amazon Customer


  26. Amazon Customer

    I installed it about a month ago. Next spring will be the true test as to whether it works.

  27. Tony N

    A heavy duty product. 125 ft roll is a beast. Great supplier – arrived on time

  28. Jorge

    Seems sturdy. Will see in six months if it prevents the Heliconias from crossing over.

  29. Much Amaze

    My bamboos have been thwarted. Time will tell if they manage to escape their plasticky containment device, but so far, so good…

  30. Jvo

    No issues on my end so far. First year in the ground. Bought the clamp strips too. Hope they hold up as advertised!

  31. Jethro


  32. Ezra

    pretty good, no complaints.

  33. TheW83

    This is a nice quality barrier for the price and comes with decent directions which make it clear to not place this vertically. The hardest part is digging the trench for it but I managed alright. If you’re placing this in a straight line I recommend unrolling it and then re-rolling it up the opposite way so as to remove the curl (this is kind of tough to do). At the very least I’d recommend laying it out flat for a while with some weight on it to make installation easier. If you’re using it for a circle trench then you shouldn’t have to worry about that even though it will probably help in that case, too.

  34. Duck Monster 80

    The plastic is pretty thick and durable – a nice product .

  35. Shahrad Tadayon

    Great product received on time good price

  36. Sandra Chronis

    This product did not come with stacks.

  37. Arnie

    Good price on the product. It was a little thinner than I expected but it went in well and will most likely do the job just fine. I’m trying to block bamboo from my neighbor’s lawn.

  38. nicholas byrd

    Works great, but disappointed I had to dig the trench by myself.

  39. Mike H

    Glad to find this product. I will be able use for several different types of applications.

  40. Gary Leatham

    Nice product, quickly shipped.

  41. macky1780



    roots beware – should do the job

  43. Hector

    This is a great product to control tree roots and wild grass also, not sold locally. Tough material, great quality. I wish it was available many years ago to save many problems today. The roll can easily be hack-sawed in half for convenience if necessary, for half the depth installation. Buy with confidence.

  44. DAVE

    This is a great product to control bamboo. Quick shipping.


    This will definitely do the trick. I’m at the end of the horizontal growth season, and so far the barrier appears to doing its job. Great transaction all around!


    Quality Bamboo Barrier Material – Fast Delivery, This Barrier Material is Nice Thick Flexible Plastic (about 1/16″+) A Quality Product, Easy to cut with utility knife.


    It’s a little known secret but Lewis Bamboo has a small following of Sand Sculptors that purchase their forms from this site. In fact, the AA division of sculptors brought in by Texas SandFest from all over north America were supplied a set of barrier bought from Lewis Bamboo. I even have my own set. We use the barrier to pound up several tons of sand, creating a multi-tier stack of filled sand, like a cake. This stuff is tough.

    The 60 mil is great for filling a 5ft diameter or less form. 80 mil is great for 6ft diameter or more. I’ve gone as high as 14 feet with 10 tons of sand using these forms. What’s great is how easy they are to clean and easy to transport. before we were using wood forms, which are bulky, heavy and pain to use. These barriers can roll up and fit, pushed into a army duffel bag and tossed in the trunk of my car. I use them whenever I’m sculpting and even recommend them to other sculptors.

    I’ll be buying more barrier when spring rolls around.


    Package came in without the clamp, contacted the store and they responded by sending the clamp right away without any question. Very good communication !


    I used the bamboo block material for my raised bed vegetable garden, to keep the roots from the surrounding landscaping out of my raised beds. 75 feet of trench through hard clay was a big project, but I got ‘er done. The material was just exactly what was needed to do the job. 5 stars!

  50. KEN C

    Very fast shipping, looks like a sturdy barrier. Lots of digging to install the 30 feet at a depth of a foot but if this will stop bamboo, it should stop my flowerbed’s nutgrass issue, so I’m good. (For a hundred years as advertised, LOL)

  51. NICK FOX

    As advertised. I even contacted Lewis Bamboo via Text Message support, and got an instant response.

  52. PHIL

    Surprisingly nice for a roll of plastic – This stuff is a really nice, thick plastic (about 1/16″). It’s odd to say much about a roll of plastic but this struck me as a quality product. There was also a bit more on the roll than advertised so you can buy the needed length and not worry about coming up short. Do think about what it wall take to dig a 22″ deep 15′ long trench, though. It took me about 7 hours with a shovel.

  53. Challen B.

    Much thicker then i expected.

  54. Boogerplasterpro

    Good product/price

  55. Kathie J. Irwin

    This product is tough but bendable. It is quite easy to cut with a utility knife. Also, it was easy to lay in the trench. Good value too.

  56. Sassy

    This material was used for a 15′ bamboo privacy wall in a 30′ X 20′ area of our yard 5 years ago along with several wooden half barrels of bamboo by the previous owner. While the barrels are beginning to deteriorate, they have contained the bamboo very well. The thick bamboo shield is still viable and strong but the barrier shield has stray plants a few inches beyond the barrier seams. Also, the bamboo has grown very thick and is pushing the barrier outward, like an inverted cone. Will have to remove a large swath of bamboo from the front of the 15 foot planting because it leans so far outward that it has taken over the yard. New plants outside one end where it was seamed will also have to be dug out. The bamboo in wooden barrels has been no work but the barrels look shabby. The bamboo in the barrier requires constant cutting back. From my perspective, bamboo is a headache to maintain, makes a real mess and a nightmare to remove. I may take it all out and find another solution to give us privacy from the two story home next door.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Great product and works great. Everything as described.

  58. modpod

    One of the best companies around. I ordered the wrong size and they stopped it mid-shipment. The product is superior and looks great. Can’t beat the price.

  59. Tricia Anderson

    Just what I needed. OK – I really needed a longer piece, but that was my mistake for not physically measuring how far my neighbor’s bamboo had traveled. I’m glad to have 15′ of my yard at least protected. Will order more if I notice their bamboo making its way around my shield.

  60. Natalie

    Great product. Just what we needed to keep our bamboo in check.

  61. KAREN J

    As described and delivered very promptly.

  62. J

    Works like a charm!

  63. Cherryl L. Bryant

    It kept out 90% if our neighbor’s bamboo.We managed the other 10%

  64. Richard C Damschen

    Good, heavy duty shield. Am sure it will prevent spread of roots

  65. Doug Hubbard

    Solid barrier, note that if you order more than 1 they tend to roll things together into a single BIG HEAVY roll

  66. John M.

    Product was good and the owner of the business was very glad to help me when I had issues with the delivery. Although I was inconvenienced, he was regretful and tried to do everything he could to help.

  67. BAR

    easy to work with

  68. Huong

    Great product.

  69. JT

    Worked like a charm. Very thick and durable. It’s really a permanent solution if you’re looking to keep rhizomes in one place! I used it for a thirty foot long planter full of horsetail plants and it’s done the job perfectly. Would work very well with bamboo as well.

  70. victor martin

    Easy to use and so far no escaping bamboo but time will be the judge.

  71. AmazonAddict

    Great product. Flexible and easy to install if you have soft dirt to dig down 24 inches.

  72. JD Green

    i say i love it but won’t really know for years to determine if they work as a root barrier for ficus nitida (sp?)

  73. David M.

    Seems just fine thick as expected

  74. Ed.P.

    Quality item!

  75. Larry Pingel

    Worked great

  76. Kenneth Flowers

    Looks effective. Good quality barrier and thick, time will tell how well it holds bamboo in.

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