Clamp Kit Installation Instructions

Installing a clamp kit with Bamboo Shield is essential when connecting 2 pieces together. Without a proper connection, bamboo roots can and will find their way through the gap.

If you have not yet purchased a clamp kit, you can find them here: Bamboo Shield Clamp Kit

Tools & Supplies

Kits includes straps, stainless steel hardware, and a copy of these instructions. A drill with ¼” drill bit and 2x 10mm wrenches are needed to drill through the assembly and fasten the hardware. Be careful working with tools.

Step 1: Overlap

First step is to allow adequate overlap of the barrier ends to be secured. 1-2 feet is recommended to making clamping easier. Outdoor duct tape (3M and Gorilla Glue both make good products) is beneficial to hold the material together until the clamps are installed.

Step 2: Align Clamps

Then you need to align the Bamboo Shield clamps on both side of the overlapped barrier material. Take time to make sure they are straight on both sides of the barrier. Proper alignment is crucial to benefit from the full strength of the clamp.

Step 3: Drill Through Barrier

After clamps are aligned, position drill bit over pre-cut holes and drill into closest clamp strip, both sides of barrier and clamp strip on the opposite side. Drilling can be dangerous, take extra care.

Step 4: Secure Nut & Bolts

Secure the first hole with the provided nuts and bolts. Once secured drill the next hole and secure, then repeat. Tip: The process is easier if you secure the hardware before you drill the next hole.

Step 6: After Installation

Secured clamps should appear as this. Brackets are on both sides of the barrier material and bolts are secured every two inches. The hardware should be down the middle of the clamps.