How bamboo grows

Bamboo grows a little differently than most plants. It doesn’t grow larger over time, like a tree. Instead, it is a colony plant that produces larger growth over time. Essentially, it has babies that are taller, that has babies that are taller. Every generation should be taller than the previous year’s shoots. The intriguing aspect is that each year’s growth emerges and grows to its full height in 60-90 days.

Bamboo is a colony plant and left unchecked; the bamboo roots travel farther than most people expect. Rhizome growth can extend outward the same distance as the cane grows tall. The above-ground growth represents only 50% of the total biomass. When bamboo becomes established, it can spread into unwanted areas. Root growth can occur much farther out than the above-ground canes. Bamboo roots run parallel to the surface, typically in the first 18” or less of soil but can push deeper in warmer climates.