What is the clamp used for?

Bamboo can escape from even the smallest holes. The Bamboo Shield clamp protects your investment by creating a long lasting seal.

Purpose of the clamp is to connect two pieces of the Bamboo Shield®. This can be used to connect an enclosure if you are circling your bamboo.  Another application is when it can be used to connect two pieces of Bamboo Shield® to extend your control area. Use the Clamp Kit to fully enclose your installation and prevent rhizomes from breaking through. This is essential for a long lasting, low maintenance containment. Tape will just not do the job because the adhesive fails in high moisture areas. While stainless steel clamps are ok, the hardware it what will fail first. In high moisture areas like underground steel can degrade at a rate of 200 microns per year. The average steel screw will only take 3 years to fail at this rate. Because of this we use an all plastic construction.


Our Clamp Kit is an all plastic construction that will not rust and keeps bamboo from breaking out.